There are many ideas that pop into my head when thinking about where possible future research on this topic. It would be interesting to see how a persons perception of time and their work ethic or level of productivity are related. Are they more productive when they view time as moving slowly, or when they view it as moving more quickly? I would also like to see more research on the physical attributes a person has in relation to their perceptions about time. There has been research done on a persons age and perception but what about their gender?

How does being in an environment other than our normal environment effect our perceptions of time. For example: how would a persons perception be different when living under ground, under water, or in space for an extended period of time. Rather than looking at specific nations I think we should look at specific geographic locations for comparisons. How is time perceived differently on the poles compared to the equator? How is time perceived differently on the tops of mountains compared to its base? Because prison sentences are oriented towards a specific amount of time spent in a jail cell, I think it would be interesting to see how prisoners perceive time. Are there ways that work consistently to make people think time is moving at a faster pace than normal? Are there ways to make time consistently seem slower than normal? There are many interesting directions research can go. I’m sure there will be many groups and people who look into several of these questions and I’ll be interested to learn of their conclusions.